Powder coating is a process of atomizing a dried granular paint and applying it electrostatically to a metal work piece and is applied over a properly cleaned and zinc phosphated surface. Once it is cured thermally in an oven, the powder forms a hard protective shell that provides corrosion resistance as well as aesthetic value to metal parts across a multitude of industries.

Powder coating is often used to coat items that will be kept outdoors or in other harsh environments in order to give them an extra measure of protection.

The powder substance that is used for powder coating is usually composed of phosphates combined with a mixture of fine metal particles, such as titanium, and mixed with pigment for color. The precise combination of ingredients will vary by manufacturer. The powder substance is very fine. When it is applied to metal, it prevents many forms of deterioration, such as rust, corrosion, and weather damage. Powder coating is an appealing option because it increases the durability of the product without making it significantly heavier.

Powder comes in a variety of colors, textures, and formulations and finishes that will not fade or chip. Powders can easily achieve 1,000hrs of salt spray protection. In addition to those benefits, powder coating is also environmentally friendly. Since it doesn’t create pollution, manufacturers don’t have to invest in pollution-control equipment, which reduces costs. There is very little waste created by powder coating, because any extra powder or overspray can be collected and reused.

Springco Metal Coating has over 30 *years* of powder coating experience for both automotive and non-automotive industries.

Springco Metal Coating operates two powder coating systems that are capable of handling large parts such as:

  • Fenders
  • Truck rims
  • Bumpers
  • Truck hitches
  • Control arms
  • Car & truck springs, etc.

Our smaller system can handle small to medium size parts and operates a quick color change booth for numerous color change requirements. Both powder coating lines have the capability of e-coating and powder top coating a part hanging it one time through the system for both coatings. This allows for very attractive pricing for this type of requirement, as well as cutting down on lead times.

Epoxy, Polyester, Urethane powders offered in a variety of colors over Zinc Phosphate.

Powder Coating vs. Painting

Powder coating is advantageous because it is better for the environment than painting. Regular paint contains volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which are harmful to the environment and the health of people. On the other hand, the resin that is used for powder coating is extremely low in VOCs, making it much safer than paint. Powder coating does not require the use of solvents, and it is safe to handle and easy to dispose.

Powder coating also provides a more durable finish than paint. In fact, powder coating is one of the most durable and economical finishing choices available. A powder coated surface is resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading. Just like paint, powder coating comes in many different color choices, textures, and finishes. These finishes will keep their bright, vibrant color for longer than paint.

Powder coating is an excellent option for protecting surfaces from harsh conditions.