Electrocoating arose in the early 80’s as an automotive primer, but has since spread throughout a multitude of industries as it has risen in popularity over the past 30+ years. In many cases, it is used as a stand alone finish that can be used as the final layer of protection against base metal oxidation. E-coat has excellent top coatability and can be used in conjunction with wet spray, powder coating, CARC, or other topcoat finishes. It is a relatively thin film (10-25 microns) and very controllable which allows for the painting of threaded and surfaces with tight tolerances.

An electrocoating system applies a charge to a metal part that is immersed in a coating bath. The process is highly automated and results in a high performing finish that delivers a uniform film build, color consistency, high yield rates and applied cost efficiency, in an environmentally friendly finishing system. E-coat is Rohos compliant and has low HAPs/VOCs as well as being chromium free.

Springco Metal Coating has two electrocoating paint lines. The small profile line has a coating window of 18′ x 24′ x 30”, which adequately handles most mid-size to small parts. This system has a 10 stage Zinc Phosphate pretreatment system and has a 4,000 gallon cathodic epoxy e-coat tank. This line also has three powder booths for quick color change capabilities.

Springco Metal Coating second line is our large profile line and has a coating window of 84″ x 96″ x 30″. It has an 11 stage Zinc Phosphate pretreatment system with a 20,000 gallon e-coat tank. This system was designed to handle larger parts and also has powdercoat capabilities in line that can deposit powder on top of e-coat without off loading parts between the 2 processes, which gives Springco a competitive economic advantage over the competition.

Springco Metal Coating has in house rack building capabilities that allow for prototype to production tooling in extremely tight time frames.