As coating specifications get more and more strenuous, coating systems and technologies have had to adapt and continue to get better to meet these growing demands.

Springco Metal Coating offers a number of different coatings that can be used in conjunction with each other to provide superior corrosion protection. Below is a list of several coating combinations:

  • E-coat & Powdercoat
  • Zinc Plating & E-coat
  • Zinc Plating & Powdercoat
  • Powdercoat & Powdercoat
  • Zinc Phosphate is the default pretreatment for both the e-coat and Powdercoat systems
  • Acid pickle can be added to any of the above systems to remove inorganics prior to coating.

Some of these coating systems can be performed on line while handling parts once to provide a superior finish at a very cost competitive price.

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